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Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

12 new tablet computer that will be the main competitor Apple iPad

JAKARTA, MI: Provider of information technology, IT Business Edge, explained and investigated 12 new tablet computer that will be the main competitor Apple iPad.
In his slide show, IT Business Edge, said tablet market is growing fast with many new competitive tablet was introduced to the public. The difference is the consumer, wireless networking, and quality of the device itself.
So, what are the 12 tablets are likely to shake the iPad market performance in the future?

A. Samsung Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab was introduced at the IFA conference in Berlin, a 7-inch Android tablet from Samsung.
Galaxy Tab is operated by the Android 2.2 operating system, contains an ARM processor, features AMOLED screen, has a screen resolution of 1024 × 600, comes pre-installed Flash Player, Google Maps, JavaScript 1.5, and Bluetooth, and Swype.

2. BlackBerry Playbook
Quanta Computer, which was assigned as a maker of BlackBerry Playbook by the manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM).
Tablets which will reportedly sell for U.S. $ 499 will have Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth technology and has a camera facing the front and rear.
Playbook will not have cellular connectivity, and will serve as complementary tools for BlackBerry smartphones. These tablets will not use BlackBerry OS 6, but with the QNX operating system that has been developed.

3. Cisco Cius
Cisco Cius, called collaborative business phones and tablets that integrate virtual desktops with full access to communication and collaboration applications Cisco.
Tablet Android operating system will have a 7-inch screen, runs on Intel Atom processor and features a front-facing camera for video conferencing and rear.
This device support for Wi-Fi and 3G, offering 32 gigabytes of Flash, and the price is less than 1,000 dollars.

4. Dell Streak
First available in Europe, Dell Streak is a smartphone / tablet hybrid is offered through a network provider, AT & T, in the United States.
Equipped with a 5-inch WVGA touchscreen and Android 1.6 operating system, Dell Streak has wiggle room between smartphone and tablet categories, although no one knows will succeed or fail.

5. HP Slate 500
Tablets made by Hewlett Packard (HP), 500 Slate, will target corporate users. Although little is known about this device, it has been confirmed that the tablet will run with Windows 7 operating system and target the same market with Cisco Cius.

6. Toshiba Folio 100
Toshiba has released two limited edition tablet, dual screen, Libretto libretto W100 and W105, but all eyes are on the new Android tablet.
Folio 100 was introduced on the sidelines of the IFA 2010 in Berlin. This device has a 10.1-inch screen, run with Android 2.2 and Nvidia Tegra processor 2.
Folio 100 is also backed up 16GB of memory, Bluetooth 2.1 support, equipped with HDMI output, two USB ports, SD memory card slot, and wireless connectivity 802.11 b / g / n and 3G data.

7. HP PalmPad
The tablet is one of the products from the acquisition of Palm by HP. Tablet which was originally planned to be made by Google's Android operating system was delayed its release to the market.
HP, are being focused to use the Palm WebOS platform and will market the tablet in early 2011.
Viewed shape, PalmPad made really seemed to rival the Apple iPad and win customers.

8. LG Optimus
Before the end of 2010, LG plans to market this tablet. The device will run the Android operating system.
LG believes its product is better than iPad with a device that will be more productive.The company also plans to release a tablet-air OS Windows 7, UX10, in the future.

9. Acer Tablet
Acer introduces the tablet 7-inch touch screen in a presentation on China in May. Unlike most tablets, this device features a QWERTY keypad.
In the presentation, it is unknown tablet was run with the Android OS version number.

10. Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that it is prepared to take the Apple iPad market.
Although the tablet position Microsoft criticized by many people, including Rob Enderle of IT Business Edge, Microsoft is still working with Intel and other computer makers to optimize the tablets.

11. OpenTablet 7
Company designer, manufacturer and developer of communications systems, OpenPeak, is developing a touchscreen multimedia device that can also be used for phone calls.
OpenTablet 7, this Flash-based tablet will distinguish themselves by the use of energy management software OpenPeak. Supported by some, including Intel Capital and GE, OpenPeak is secured by 52 million dollars in new investment.

12. Google / Verizon Tablet
Internet giant, Google, along with the telecommunications company Verizon is developing a tablet which once again to compete with iPad. HTC and Motorola has been rumored to be a manufacturer's device.
Details about the device it is very rare, even not known whether it will run with the Android OS or Chrome.
Speculation says that this device has a multi-touch screen 10-inch and beresolosi 1280 × 720 pixels, Nvidia Tegra-based platform, 2 GB RAM, equipped with 32GB solid-state drive, 3G/Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, GPS, a webcam too.
With all the advantages and drawbacks, whether it is able to compete with a dozen tablets or shift the Apple iPad? We wait. (Ant/OL-9)

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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Firefox 3 setting menu bar, navigation bar

Instruction Manual:

start Firefox

View -> Toolbars -> Customize ...

individual points (Back / forward / stop / address bar / ...) pull "drag down" in the menu bar (under careful!)

if only an empty navigation bar is present right click on the menu bar

Click on the heels of "navigation toolbar" Remove


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Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Need For Speed Full Story

Need for Speed was developed by Distinctive Software inc., a studio located in Vancouver, Canada. DSI created previously famous racing games such as Stunts and "Test Drive II".

Later Distinctive Software was purchased by Electronic Arts and EA Canada renamed.DSI's involvement with NFS declined to focus their efforts on the creation of Lina EA Sports games. In 2002, another EA affiliate located in Vancouver, Blackbox Software, has been the leading developer of Need For Speed.
 1-The Need for Speed ​​(1994)
13 years ago, Electronic Arts is launching a revolutionary game with a philosophy to Test Drive, Car superexóticos and paradisiacal landscapes.

He threw for 3D0 originally, but then for commercial reasons, was released for PC, Playstation, and Sega Saturn, and included police chases, and work together with the magazine "Road & Track" to faithfully capture the behavior of cars, and its sounds, in fact, the full name was "Road & Track Presents The Need for Speed"

The cars involved were:

Acura NSX-
-Porsche 911 Carrera
Dodge Viper RT/10-
-Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
-Mazda RX-7
-Toyota Supra
Ferrari 512 TR-
-Lamborghini Diablo VT
-Warrior (bonus car)

Its circuits:

-Autumn Valley
-Rusty Springs
-Vertigo Ridge
-Lost Vega (bonus track)

All cars had their técnios data with spoken commentary on them.
Career retrospective with the new Dodge Viper RT/10:
First persecution in NFS, and all police camera:
Repeating a crash of a Countach:
Very detailed dashboard at the time of a Ferrari 512 TR:
 1.5-The Need for Speed ​​SE (1995)
A simple improvement, which went unnoticed, comparable to GTA London ...
Only 2 tracks included more, and some improvements in the game engine ... only released for PC, with incredible requirements Windows 95, TCP / IP and DirectX 2.

Cars and tracks were the same as NFS, but with a larger circuit, Transtropolis.

Chaotic menu then:

Very clean inside of a Diablo VT:

Another persecution in a repetecición ... with a rotating patrol without ...

Flying is:

Propanganda that appeals to the repeat mode:
 2-Need for Speed ​​II (1997)
 This was already worthy of a 2 in its title, a very renavado game with 3 modes of race, Tournament, Career Simple, and career KO (That is a race with several turns, and the last in each is removed, as today), and no longer admitted as MS-DOS operating system and also required the archaic and DirectX 3.

The tricks have already begun to fall into this game with tricks as remembered as traffic to drive cars or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a UFO.

Their cars were:

McLaren F1
Ferrari F50
Ford GT90
Jaguar XJ220
Lotus GT1
Commendatore 112i Isdera
Lotus Esprit
Italdesign Calà
Ford Indigo (such as car bonus)

And their circuits:

-Pacific Spirit
-North Country
-Mystic Peaks
-Proving Grounds
-Monolithic Studios (bonus track)

In addition, much improved sound, especially motor and horn, making them very real.

New repeat mode, with McLaren planning under:

Segumos flying in the mountains:

Drifting in a prehistoric Car.

The game menu, choosing cars ... more than the current broadcast, honestly ...
 2.5-Need for Speed ​​2 SE (1997)
Another issue discretita, included an extra 3 cars, the Ferrari 355, the Italdesign Nazca C2, and the Ford Mustang Mach 3, a larger circuit, Last Resort, and technological improvements, support for Glide, the ultimate in graphics tajetas then.

It also included 3 bonus cars again, the FZR 2000, Tombstone, and the Bomber BFS.

And special mention, occupying only 50 mb of hard drive space.

Patronicada by Omega Race a Ford GT90 and Ferrari F50 include:


Career and highly polished graphics:

More flights in a Ford Indigo:

Graciso: embedded dirt and bugs up on the screen:

3-Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit (1998)

The following year, is offered the third part of the saga, set mostly in police chases.

Therefore, adding the legendary Hot Pursuit mode, in which the player has to win the race to escape the police, or play as a cop and trying to hunt down and arrest those drivers who violated the speed limit.

As a novelty, many cars and tracks are not available at first, are unlocked as you complete the game, and the fact of including both double compared to the previous title.

By leveraging the CD-ROM, add audio commentary, presentations of images of cars, and video scenes.

Already called DirectX 5.0 or higher and a whopping graphics card 1 mb or 16 mb of RAM.

Their cars were:

Mercedes SL600
Jaguar XJ8
Aston Martin DB7
Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Diablo SV
Chevrolet Corvette C5
Ferrari F355 Spider F1
Ferarri 550 Maranello
Italdesign Scighera
Lamborghini Diablo
Pursuit Chevrolet Corvette C5 (police car, was not bonus)
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR (such as car bonus)
Jaguar XJR-15 (as car bonus)
El Nino (Bonus)
Lamborghini Diablo SV Pursuit (such as car bonus)
Pursuit El Nino (as car bonus)

The circuits were:
-Redrock Ridge
-Rocky Pass
-Lost Canyons
-Empire City (as bonus track)

NFS is the best selling issue since the first version that added an extra cars made by Internet users.
Driving a CLK-GTR against a 550 Maranello, Hot Pursuit mode, and incidentally, a screen too overloaded with information:

About to be caught by a pursuit in a Countach C5:

Too late, a fine:

Following the poor in the Pursuit Diablo SV:

Stopped by Darth Vader at the legendary El Niño:

Two Contach escaping, look at the reflections on cars, and it shows a good level graph:

4-Need for Speed ​​IV: High Stakes / Road Challenge (1999)

2 years after the start of NFS 3, remove the fourth version, called High Stakes Road Challenge in the U.S. and in Europe.

Was criticized a lot because of its resemblance to the third party, particularly by the circuitry (the same group 3), so nicknamed by some as NFS III: SE.

Even so, had 3 more game modes, High Stakes (The car is the loser for the winner), Getaway (Escape from the police as much as possible), and Career (In the corridor you do with your money and buy cars and improvements, incuse visual, making it the first NFS tuning in, even secondary and entirely optional.

The greatest achievement is the introduction of damage, both visible and invisible (engine, tires ...), for example, going at night, if destrozabas the fount, goodbye to the headlights, and you stayed without seeing the runway ... in your garage, your car is, and there is repaired piece by piece, in case you did not have money for everything, and looked in real time and was repaired and only took his way to the "Christine".

And demanded more, like 32 mb of RAM, and DirectX 6.1.

Their cars are the NFS 3 more of these, except the replacement of the F1por McLaren GTR, and El Niño to La Niña:

Chevrolet Camaro (the art)
Pontiac Firebird (the art)
Jaguar XKR
Porsche 911 Turbo
Mercedes SLK
McLaren F1 GTR
La Niña (such as car bonus)
Bonus Camaro (like car bonus, it was just a Camaro with a special paint)
Bonus Porsche (as bonus car, like the Camaro)
Pursuit M5
Pursuit Corvette
Pursuit Camaro
Pursuit 911 Turbo
Pursuit Diablo SV
Pursuit La Niña

Circuits, like those of III but these:

-Celtic Ruins
Dolphin Cove-
-Durham Road
-Snowy Ridge
-Kindiak Park
-Route Adonf

After installing a patch, you could add extra cars modeled three times, making this the most NFS "modeado"


Incursion of Electronic Arts for the first time in 3-d cockpits, and therefore in cars in which the end is inside:

In a Camaro, dusk:

Fined in a F1 GTR:

Pursuit M5 German to roll his own, against an XK8:

-The Pursuit Camaro with a light-eyed:

-Chevy Caprice (not listed officially) campaign also:

BMW Z3-testing the engine damage:

-On the verge of becoming anything like Christine (come on, to be self-repair in when you pay .... curiosity, the color is that of Christine!)

Enrollment in a customizable F50:

The Z3 battered against a SLK:

5-Need for Speed
​​V: Porsche Unleased / Porsche 2000 (2000)

Porsche 2000 in Europe, USA and Porsche Unleashed is different from previous versions because it includes only Porsches, and the game comes with extensive information on these cars, videos and chips.

The cars are driven more realistic than the previous episodes (in simulator NFS most all from then until now) and it has some even better graphics.

The player has to win races to unlock cars in chronological order from 1950 to 2000.

The Evolution created so many Porsche fans, and revealed many models that had not heard of, like 914, 935, or the very 356 and Test Pilot mode adds a lot of fun and different section to the date. For those who do not know what they do not speak, is similar to the "breaks" in the cards in Gran Turismo, that is, forms part of a team of Porsche test and multiple modelosm you used for testing of any kind such as precision maneuvers, win a race team member directly, or even deliver a new car in a specific place without damaging it. Many of these tests are considered very complicated, in fact, anyone who finishes this way can be called a "great pilot virtual", but today, with titles available, any juagdor should go this way with no problem understanding that was the hardest then.

Revolutions also introduces the use of lights at will, two separate and emergency flashers, cab 3d at 100% of the car and to open (the garage) doors, hoods, trunks, introduce you to the car and look inside , and operate the roof in the case of convertibles.

It also introduces the second hand market, where occasionally they were gems like the 935 "Moby Dick", but all cars are heavily damaged.

The downside is the AI
​​of the police, which was considered as kamikaze, not trying to stop you, just trying to destroy your car, with the consequent difficulty in the above missions carrying new cars ... well, the "polis" wore helmets Porsche testers, with logo and all ... suspicious?

The traffic behind him walked from The Need Fos Speed
​​up the point that the game AI between 1994 and 2006 Carbon is not far, as they are just moving obstacles, do not stop, do not dodge, you just give you the lights and honking, but do nothing more.

The strange thing is its technical requirements, almost the same as the IV demanded only that the new DirectX 7.

His cars were the following Porsche:

-356 & B2000 from 1950 to 1962, the entire range, including rafters and speedsters.
-911 From 1967 to 1999, including the RS, roof Targas, and turbos. (3.0, 3.3 and 3.6)
-911 GT1, GT2 and GT3.
-914, 928, 944 (with turbo and Convertible versions) Boxter (normal and S) and 959.
-550 A Spyder.
-935/78 Coupe "Moby Dick".

And do not be fooled, all versions are very many cars ... for example, 356 is the entire range, with the exception of 356 1, which was the first Porsche prototype in turn on the 356, although people already do extra cars to keep the game alive, like the Carrera GT, Cayenne or the new 997, with a highly graphical.

The circuits were:

Côte d'Azur
-Monte Carlo (5 different circuits over Monaco independent of each other)
-Zone Industrielle


A 930 Turbo rammed from behind in repeat mode:

In a 356 (known by the tachometers own) snowing:

-The circuit Autobahn, set on a German motorway (with amongst others works or a toll to skip it, skip the alarms and a man speaks in German I guess saying Alarm)

Beautiful 993 GT2 with custom color:

-Calustrofóbico Aubergne shortcut:

Beautiful 356 to point out:

996 in game (the red is a GT3):

Turbos race to the top of charts:

5.5-Need for Speed: Motor City Online (2001)


NFS was set in the 70's with Porsche graphics, improved slightly, which passed online to compete with other drivers, sienod novelty that only had muscle cars from the 30 to 70.

Nationally was a "rara avis" simply because that was not even sold in Spain, since at that time online gaming were not major. You could customize all kinds of muscle cars of the 30 to 70, at all levels and can then test the changes on track.

Crisis of the game, just before the close, were added the Toyota Supra and the Mitsubishi Eclipse as an experiment to see if introducing modern cars managed to revive, by popular request, but did not work, and cast definitely closing.

I had street circuits forest tracks, and ways Dragster and counterclockwise.

A custom Bel-Air in the city:

Race of the old school, led by a Mustang:

A Corvette at night:

6-Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)

Two years later, EA surprised us with the remake of her original 1997 edition, but this time with a totally revamped graphics engine, which offers a realism never seen before in the series.

This issue did not escape criticism. After the good impression left by the delivery Porsche, now, EA, to "revive" Hot Pursuit, killing all innovations, goodbye to the indicators, to open doors and others, and even be able to simply enter your nicknameenrollment (Something no forgiveness for his fault, since then only read ND4SPD, MSTWD, CARBON, etc ... so far ...) until the damage, they are so reduced that to see just the hood of the car slightly bent, you have to stamp the car a thousand times to 300 per hour ... literally.

You can also order the pilot to see outside the car, when arrested, as a humorous video clips, (In the Chariot, the guy runs to one side followed by 3 cops, and within seconds he runs to the other side followed by even more cops and a few police dogs, or even a cop hid the camera in hand) but in return, despite having made the interiors, the dashboard camera away ... and was not seen again never again in the consecutive series of the game, and today, with interiors recreated perfectly, it continues to resist reappear.

To compensate, they get a lot of new cars like the Lamborghini Murcielago, the Porsche Carrera GT, Lotus Elise, Ferrari F50, etc. ... or models like the charismatic police Ford Crown Victoria, police mode, with graphics and new generation, even though it shows that they are something Malillos yet. (Something milky textures and graphics dubious people)

Something incomprehensible is that they put the 993 Turbo instead of the 996 Turbo, it is understood that for aesthetic ...

New tracks are released, set in the Mediterranean, Hawaii, etc ...

But the game is a resounding commercial failure by arcadianism, as the police launching explosive barrels your way through helcópteros that make your car fly almost artistic ...

Furthermore, no NFS 3 functions included, such as split screen 2 player, camera controls, or to save your replays.

If that was not enough, it is impossible to add additional cars, only they are "textures" for existing cars, trying to make a new car from the base of those already there, but are chapuzeros ... since then can be put back a car unloaded except textures and the 360
​​Spyder of the game in MW) also deleted the races via LAN to make way matchmaking system through internet "".

Also the first contadicción seedy in the series, which comes down to us, we introduce an Opel, the Speester, but also the Vauxhall VX220, come on, they put 2 cars with different same logo ... for example, we have the Pontiac Carbon GTO and Vauxhall Monaro, and we are facing the same situation as if EA wants to keep the British happy ... (from Great Britain, of course)

Another negative was the action camera (that is still Carbon) which lasted while bored ...

It required 128 mb RAM, DirectX 8.1, and a PCI of 16 mb.

In the worst of the series, could have been much better ...

Their cars were:

-Aston Martin Vanquish
Chevrolet Corvette C5-Z06
Dodge Viper GTS-
Ferrari F50-
Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder-
-Ford Mustang Cobra
HSV Coupe GTS-
-Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
-Lamborghini Murcielago
Lotus Elise-
-McLaren F1 LM
Mercedes Benz CL55-
-Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR
Opel Speedster-
-Porsche 911 Turbo (993)
-Porsche Carrera GT
Vauxhall VX220-

-Circuits ... only 4, which is totally incomprehensible ...



Vanquish at start:
BMW Clan:
HD 2002 for a CLK-GTR and a Carrera GT in the background (and the police bat, of course), but not for the trees ...:
The driver, about to be arrested ... with a little malillas textures ...:
Main menu:
The new 360 Modena Spyder also:

7-Need for Speed: Undeground (2003)

After the thud of HP2, the following year, EA redefines the concept of the game and makes it a pear NFS, are passed from Ferrari, Porsche, etc ... Peugeots, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, etc ... to more exclusive, a Nissan Skyline R34, and visible only at night while playing.

In the game, now you buy a car, and while you win races, you get better internally and externally to make it unique, with lots of customizations.

Although based on an entire city, only runs when running in a closed loop. Damage to cars was reduced only to glass cracked, and also eliminates the interior of cars, thus eliminating the dashboard camera.

Targeted, including the magazine cover come off as real tuning, as a reward.

The music obviously was focused on issues street, hip-hop, etc ...

Unlike HP2 is a great commercial success. He came out for PC, PS2, XBOX and Gamecube.


-A current road car-mill for the first time in the series, Honda Civic Coupe tuning slightly competing:
Advertise with RX7:
The Skyline GTR, the goal of many:

8-Need for Speed: Underground 2 (2004)

Because now the huge success of undergorund, becomes their "SE", but goes beyond better, is a title almost new.

It is the continuation of 1, you destroy the car and go to a new city, in order to become No. 1.

As a novelty, the restrictions are removed, the menus are for configurations and little else, everything else is done directly in the city, which is now open, and you travel at will and can "sting" with other Las Tunas to make money.

The game features many modes of tuning, drift, drag race, etc ... customizations become more extensive and may implement any project in mind of the player.

The magazine goes out further, and now you can choose how to leave your car with the doors, hood or trunk open, high hydraulic suspension, etc ...

Now it shows the boot, because you can now mount audio equipment, but towards the driver can not see anything more.

The cars are almost the same as the undergorund (except cars like the Dodge Neon, which is deleted), and added more cars like the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 106 (on the European version) or 4x4, as the Hummer H2 or the Lincoln Navigator.

Leaves for PC, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, and Nintendo DS.
9-Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

EA continues with the player tuning due to the great public acceptance, but the police returned to the game, which also becomes a protagonist from HP2, now the goal is to be the most wanted by the police (The Most Wanted hence the name), based on runs and sprints to the police.

Now the day is again in the game ... but do not see the night in no time. You see, that if, from sunrise to sunset.

Also become weather effects, but now, of course, can not be changed for free will.

Adding more modes of play:

Toll booths
Toll-booth (toll booths) race (Which is not included in the full version)
Photo radar
Best route of escape (Which is not included in the full version)
Knockout (Which is not included in the full version)

Damage was "fueling" slightly, the car can now scratch, but after being arrested, or other acts implicquen stop driving, the car is back intact.

There are 36 cars from the New Fiat Grande Punto, to supercars (finally returning to the series) and the Mercedes SLR, Porsche Carrera GT or, through the Ford GT, Aston Martin DB9, Cadillac CTS, Mitsubishi Evo VIII, the Ford Mustang GT, 2005, etc ...

The online game is like NFS: U2, but conflicts between U.S. and European versions.

The big difference is that you lose tuneo many options, now is a tuning "competition" just to run, the visual is more apart.

Today, Most Wanted is the last game of the series launched, and is / ra available for PC, PS2, PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

As news, someone has added an extra car consegudo the game, the Ferrari 360 Spyder of HP2 supposedly can descagar tuneable ... and everything ...

The main character, the BMW M3 GTR:
Race to the DB9:

10-Need for Speed: Carbon (2006)

City; Palmont City:
The tenth title in the series, 12 years after being introduced, provides an exact experience prior to tuning, it is true that brings a variety of models (the NFS that causes most excepting NFS: Porsche)

The cars are recycled from previous NFS, and most are new, giving the end supercars, lost in NFS 6, EA, at least, has deigned to restrict tuning these cars to the level of paint and tires ... and some, even that.

The story also connects with the previous NFS, and offers the novelty of winning neighborhoods winning races, having to bator the final boss, say, in a duel down slope, with the Initial D, but with 10 seconds advance them and bring enough leadership to summarize the career brutally ...

Moreover, say that is a NFS MW, in particular paragraph of persecution, which is all inéntico, in fact, are also recycled MW voices of the police ...

Something totally incomprehensible is that we return to the eternal night without climatology Underground 1 and 2, it follows that the creative EA does not know how to create an algorithm that is passed from day to night and vice-versa, since MW was justupside down, all day, but at least with sunsets and sunrises, and rain.

Damages are conspicuous by their absence, limited to broken and chipped paint moons, that repairs to disrupt the race anyway, and resume it again, with only police vehicles and the only traffic that can be damaged more severely, although incomprehensibly , the C6 Corvette and GTO police car was included in highly Damageable ...

Therefore, the game is not more than any previous titles mixed with a little of others, with some Innovacción, but nothing we have not seen ...

Session barrel:
Drifting in a Challenger concept:
Race with Gallardo tuned:
11-Need For Speed ​​Pro Street (2007)

The next title in the series, we know some things, like the official list of cars, including the Ford Escort Cosworth surprise, for example, and of course our beloved Leon Cupra 2 ...

It is also known to employ a new graphics engine, but there just the deralles for now ...

2006 Aston Martin DB9
2006 Aston Martin DBR9
2006 Audi RS4
2006 Audi S4
2008 Audi TT
2007 Audi S3
1971 Dodge Challenger
1969 Dodge Charger
1968 Chevy Camaro SS
94-98 Toyota Supra
2006 Lotus Elise
2006 Mazda Speed
93-96 Mazda RX-7
05-06 Mazda RX-8
2007 Mazda MazdaSpeed
2006 Saturn Sky
2006 Scion Tc
Ford Escort RS Cosworth 92-96
2006 Chevy Corvette C6
2007 Chevy Corvette Z06
2006 Cobalt SS Chevyet
03-up Infiniti G35
2006 Lexus IS350
93-99 Nissan Skyline RB26DETT
2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP
2007 SEAT Leon Cupra
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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New Xbox optical drive is now in the market

According to the British game industry trade magazine MCV, the next Xbox console, which supposedly was baptized in the code name "Durango", without an optical drivecome.

Instead, Microsoft should have put the game developers as part of a strict "non-disclosure agreement" (confidentiality agreement), the console uses a removable flash memory. The journal must be right, would mean huge losses for retailers of video games.

It is assumed that the device as soon as next year will be on the market. When the console is first presented, but the magazine is still unknown.

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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Games for Mac

With the world premiere of the id Tech 5 at WWDC Apple in 2007, it was quite clear: Like all previous id Software games, will also appear the next game based on the new engine for the Mac After that, was very quiet on the project until a year ago came the idea of ​​thinking, Mac and Linux port has been canceled, thegame is only for Windows and consoles! The greater was the surprise, as Aspyr, brought no major announcement, a Mac version of the Mac App Store. This comes as a "campaign issue" and therefore includes all previous versions available for other content, such as side missions or additional equipment, but no multiplayer.

With id Software Rage enters a new territory for the first time since it has long been a game with its own history of the universe is out Quake and Doom: An asteroid speeding toward Earth and threatening to destroy completely. As a final rescue people were selected, including the player who put in a chest on the floor in a Cryoschlaf.

The game begins when you leave the last survivor of his ark, which is immediately attacked by two mutants that are knocked down at the last second of our Savior, who leads his people. It soon becomes clear that it is special in some way, but the background is just a time left in the dark. One gets so in a very careful design, again apocalyptic futuristic scenario in which for the first time some smaller contracts in order to earn the respect of other survivors. Quickly realize that the dangers may be lurking behind every rock, and one is well advised to shoot the enemy before him. At first make a mutant life Gollum-like hard, then you are fighting against heavily armed government troops. This contrast - in one hand strange creatures that live in caves and attack you with axes homemade, by contrast, high-tech combat troops with pulse cannons - gives the game a very nice atomic sphere.

Away from the main story, there are always some side quests you can earn some money to do so. This is also because, when you find them, as direct as possible. Credits can be found faster than you think, then you are in the main menu, without an easy way to move freely in the world to do the side missions lost.

Advance an action game with a good story has been announced - compared to the previous works of id Software may be true also of the history surrounding is good and consistent, and you meet a lot of characters with their own personalities. Orders are often only with a lot of errands in the form of slaughter. Moreover, even trying to explain why one in all these tasks are always the only person who is able to create them, and why one is started, although it has in every corner friends and supporters who are bored. In addition, it lacks some development of the characters to make it really believable - a film montage, as in Metal Gear Solid series can not be expected here.

After a little grated history of the game is here now: id Software has been made in the past many good shooter, but in terms of gameplay is definitely the highlight of rabies in the single-player shooters. As expected, there are a lot of killing, but also very much a story: you can move freely between the missions of the current city, spend time with games, buy new equipment, racing cars, talk to other people Buggy desert or just explore the area. The road will come across many elements, some of which - assuming the right plan - to the extent of McGyver-type objects can be useful to the new ride. So you can build, for example, to block the door from the areas, or even small remote-controlled cars with bombs that will surprise the enemy. Generally, it is advisable to pack all items found. Because the only way to get together enough money for necessary equipment and ammunition needed to fight the enemy masses. In general, a variety of different types of weapons that can further improve individually. So for all tastes.

The enemy AI makes occasional minor deficiencies, but otherwise well above the Call of Duty or Battlefield usual average. While opponents sometimes dig in and wait for the shot out without the initiative with the head straight, but is rather the exception. The mutants, for example, often running around on the one hand, and jump over obstacles and cleverly recovering time on walls and ceilings. The movements look very realistic here: If an opponent shot during pre-towers, he stumbles to a landing and then longitudinally stretched out in front of you when you did. If you kill some enemies, get the rest of it to do with fear and regain what they proclaim aloud.

Government forces also use individual soldier with impenetrable shield for rapid progress, while the rest are hiding behind the shield and firing on all cylinders. They are also always in one's own behavior when they dug, they approach much more cautiously, as if badly wounded fled. This provides a sweat much more than competition shooters.

The missions are organized fairly linear, we have (unfortunately) not to think about what will happen or where you have to go long. In between, there's always some boss fights you can win the most part, only by brute force. In the fight against a skyscraper is a big super mutants, at least expect to find the weak point of the seemingly invincible monster - but this is still the exception.

Once you have blessed the moment, will (again) revived the mobile defibrillator, also not all adjacent foes - made practical, but the thing a little easier too.

As for graphics, games were actually id Software is always world class, state, and the rage! I'm not exaggerating when I say that was so unprecedented a video on the Mac yet. Especially in view of the huge outdoor areas can shine the id Tech new fifth this range, and it was still such a detailed world I've seen in any other game. The sound is excellent: in the sewers, the mutants can be heard running around not knowing exactly where they are. This light, the music that fits well and of course elegant light and shadow effects in the beautifully designed map: How to make a shooter atmospheric atomic sphere!

It is noteworthy, however, that the graphics quality varies a bit: In particular, some inland areas have gone a bit textures, yet clearly behind the outdoor areas very chic. Can not be measured, for example, with a title and third Battlefield.

If you are thinking now, you need at least 2500 euros MacPro to play the game quite well, do not worry: Here RAGE spas offer the biggest surprise for me! Through the intelligent operation of the engine id Tech 5, the game will run even on older computers that is fully liquid. Does the team runs out of steam, so it does not manifest itself RAGE with a stutter, but with a reduced image quality. Therefore, it is more common in weaker machines with fast camera pans, the textures can be recharged quickly enough, and you can see the picture with them, as is low resolution, razed textures gradually to a quite enjoyable to watch. It may not look so good, but as the game itself remains vulnerable machines always reproducible.

The faster the computer, unless this is happening, it will disappear completely, but probably only in the few computers. If, however, quite possible that by Aspyr improvements and new graphic drivers as the change in the future something to her.

The problem is that, although rare, causes problems with games save. These are sometimes stored out of order and can not read or recognize the game when you select a save only his service. Again Aspyr should definitely lend a hand.

Although I am of the opinion that has an id Software gives only in terms of story and game design a lot, RAGE is still a very good shooter who has much to offer. Should be in the selection of games that we have as a Mac user, rabies is almost a must buy for all fans of the genre that takes into account, however give. The download size of 13 GB, depending on the line of what you feel adventurous.

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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

How to Speed up Google Blog Indexed

Sometimes there are some friends who ask me how to speed up the blog indexed by search engines google. Before answering about google indexed to speed up the blog, we first discuss some related matters :

A. Google Pagerank
From some experience affect pagerank sometimes fast or slow a google indexed blog. Sometimes a blog post Pagerank (PR) was lower more quickly indexed by google. But if it made the average blog that PR was higher than the relatively quick google indexed blog PR is lower. For example, my blog is PR 1 and 2 times faster than google indexed blog PR 4.

B. Low of activity google server
If within a period of time, eq at 8-14.00, many of which make the post, google will automatically make the server is busy then it is usually too late to index google blog, if compared with the certain moments where google server is not busy, find solution in time for the post update when internet traffic is not busy.

C. Google Sandbox
Google sandbox is a place provided by google for web / blog is problematic. Usually inserted into the sandbox blog is a blog that violated the TOS google. To get out of the sandbox they need to fight hard, maybe even better create a new blog is the solution. If your blog entry in the sandbox then it is very hard to google indexed.

From some of the problems above there are some things that might speed up your blog indexed by google.

1. Posting updates as possible
The more frequent the more pleased updated google robot visit your blog, every google robot visit your blog and he will record the trend update your blog, if the trend increase it will be quickly indexed google. Advice : Just update your blog even if it is not weighted but still consider keywords related to your blog theme.

2. Use a blog template that is light, easy to scroll through the google robot the page reduce excessive use of javascript, reduce the excessive use of widgets such as multimedia widget, game widget, calendar widget, widgets and other incriminating blogs, google robot to remember not to visit your blog look beatufil whether your blog, but google came detecting robot posting content, detect keyword, browse the links, and various other meta data.

3. Set the meta tag, so google is easy to classify keywords in your blog
Do Verify your blog to google webmaster tools to give full access to the google robot to map your blog, and give full access to the google robot to detect the content of your blog.

4. Submit blog url to google, submit to google sitemap, web directory, google reader, igoolge, social bookmarking.

5. Do a google ping, can be directly to the website Google Ping enter your blog url, then click submit blog.
Note :
Do not do ping if it does not do an update post in your blog, and ping should be once every day if you do the update posts per day.

6. Keep your blog, so do not have a dead link (link death). The more dead links, visit the lazy google robot indexed your blog to slow.

7. Pray, hopefully a quick google to index your blog.

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How to get backlinks?

Buy Backlinks : How can i get backlinks?
On the one hand, you can make a great site on the net, or an incredibly good product. Then you can wait for that other websites use backlinks to you, you refer to and recommend.
On the other hand, you can even gain backlinks. You can subscribe to article directories you can publish texts in web directories, you can bookmark your site and press releases sent to various press portals. You can subsribe to blogs, forums and guestbooks, buybacklinks, advertise banners, etc.
To return to our example of a restaurant: You leave bussiness card or brochures at gas station and public places. But since we are already in the middle next to the topics.

But in detail :
Submit your website in web directories, please only with unique content.
Conclusion : A lot of work, Backlink Note 3-
Write Press release for press portals, with unique content.
Conclusion : A lot of work, Backlink Score 1-
Write article for article directories, with unique content.
Conclusion : A lot of work, Backlink Note 2-
Bookmark your site to social bookmark site
Conclusion : Very little work, Backlink Score 3 +
Be sensible, smart and interesting comments on other blogs.
Conclusion : A lot of research - work that backlink Note 2-
Sign up in guest books
Leave adequate forum in your forum signature
Conclusion : Much more work (because they are slowly making know must link backgrade 2+, orderly traffic.

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